6 Must Have Tools Every Car Guy Needs


The cars are like the humans. You need to feed and maintain them regularly otherwise, they’ll start getting sick and at the end, they’ll be found on the stretcher in a garage. If you do not focus on the maintenance of your car, its parts will start becoming old and useless very quickly. Therefore, you must keep an eye on the maintenance of your car.

Checking the coolant, brake oil, engine oil is some of your regular duties and there are some other responsibilities that appear over time. In order to handle all your responsibilities carefully, you must have all the essential tools with you. After buying a car, you do not only become the owner but you also become a mechanic because you have to repair several parts of the car on regular basis.

Jack and Jack stands

Sometimes, you’re supposed to slide under the vehicle so that you can check several parts. In this situation, you’re supposed to lift the car to the higher level so that you can easily observe all the elements. A good quality jack and jack stand can help in lifting and supporting your vehicle carefully while you’re working under it.

Lug Wrench

Most parts of the vehicle are hidden behind the wheels and you need to open the wheels to operate those parts properly. In this case, a lug wrench can be very helpful in removing the wheels carefully. Almost all the new vehicles come equipped with this tool. But if you don’t have one in your vehicle, you must consider buying a good quality lug wrench.

Wrench set

The wrench set is extremely important for working on your vehicle. The wrench is the only tool that can be used in several difficult situations because sockets and ratchets cannot always be helpful. Different styles and sizes of wrench should always be available on your wrench set so that you can easily operate several parts. You can also think of buying the best electric impact wrench as it can help in several difficult situations.

Inspection Light

A good inspection light can help observe several parts of the vehicle where enough amount of light doesn’t reach. You should only consider buying a light that can be attached to your head so that you may easily use both the hands.


This may not look more important but sometimes you cannot complete a process because you don’t have a screwdriver with you. Therefore, you must have different sizes of screwdrivers available in your vehicle.

Socket Set

There are different sizes of nuts and bolts mounted in your car. The sockets can be used to remove or tighten those nuts and bolts. Therefore, it is important that you buy a set of sockets so that you can remove and tighten all sizes of nuts and bolts.


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