Car Insurance: Importance And Types


We humans have given so much importance to our cars that we treat them with so much love and affection. Some of us even treat our car like it is our baby and take such good care of it. We wax it, make it shiny and all new, and put the necessary lubricants and all sorts of essentials to make our car purr like a pampered kitty. We have so much love for our cars that we do so much to protect it from harm. Insurance seems like a viable option, don’t you think? It is so pivotal that having car insurance is indeed a legal requirement and also with the right level of cover you have proper financial protection in any event of your vehicle being damaged or destroyed. In most cases, you have coverage for injuries that were sustained in an accident.

Having the right kind of car insurance is essential because it covers all kinds of expenses in the event of a crash, which means you will not have to pay for anything out of your personal expenses at all. To zero down to the best car insurance compare tesco bank car insurance quotes at Utility Saving Expert. Accidents happen, and there is nothing you can do about it except drive responsibly, it is beneficially reassuring to know that you are completely covered, financially. Having good car insurance also means that it covers the expenses of your injuries and the other people who were collateral in the crash as well. This can be pedestrians, passengers, drivers, etc. All motorists should be insured against their liability to people as dictated and stipulated in the Road Traffic Act of 1988. Insurance provides complete financial support if your car gets stolen, destroyed by natural causes, fire destruction, or vandalized.

If you are not insured, driving without car insurance is illegal and proves to be very harmful. If caught, you could be fined, disqualified, and your driving license could be revoked. Driving licenses are a privilege and not a right, so we need to treat it like a privilege. The maximum fine may cost you thousands of dollars and also you will receive several penalty points on your license before it gets revoked. The revocation of your license can be because you have too many of these points. The police have all the authority and power to seize a vehicle that is not insured.

There are 3 types of car insurances that you can choose from, here they are:

–    Third party: This is the type which is considered the bare minimum by law, and it is not always the cheapest. It covers some damages to people and property.

–    Third party fire and theft: this one is self-explanatory. It covers fire damage and theft scenarios.

–    Comprehensive: the highest level and covers everything.


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