Guide For Buying A Car Battery


Replacement of car battery is a process which doesn’t occur more often. However, it is necessary to have the idea to choose the right kind of battery for your car when it comes to the point where it stops charging. The reason for your car battery to die can be the prolonged heating conditions due to temperature or just repeated charging and discharging for a very long time. It is necessary to pay attention to the health of your battery over time to know the right time for the replacement.

You can see the signs of your battery dying when you notice a cracked battery case, bulged sides due to freezing of battery, and not accepting the charge. If you face any of these issues, then it is time for you to follow these steps to install a good new battery to your car.

1.     Find your battery group size

There are different sizes for your car batteries, which depends on the case and the space provided for your battery. You require a group size of your old battery and can check it by looking at your old batter.  You can find a number written on top of the battery which you can refer to while searching for your battery size in stores or online.

2.     Find your batteries minimum cold cranking amps

Your vehicle needs a specific minimum amount of amperage to start, especially in cold weather. Find the amount of amerage your new battery can store if you need to make it work under extreme conditions.  Check for the CCA rating printed on your battery or in the battery manual. Always choose high rate CCA batteries which will serve as the best car batteries for cold Weather.

3.     Choose the battery cell type

There are three types of batteries available in the market today. You can choose any one of them according to your expectations, as they differ and provide different benefits.

Lead-acid battery

It has positive and negative lead cells inside the battery case. This type has been around since a very long time and been a reliable source to common customers for being the least expensive type of battery. Most of the companies that make vehicles in the market make use of lead-acid batteries, so it is available in the stores easily.

Enhanced flooded batteries

Also known as EFB batteries, this type is an improvisation on the lead-acid battery. It is designed more compactly and has more stability. It can perform better on charging and discharging. It provides double cyclical stability of the standard battery. You can opt for these batteries to expect a longer life.

Absorbent glass mat batteries

AGM batteries are the highest quality batteries. They come with start-stop technology and can bear all extreme conditions.  These batteries are mostly used in luxury and high-performance cars, and it can run other components of the car like music player, LEDs with a hassle.

4.     Select the brand

There is a wide range of companies which provide the batteries for vehicles. Choose the most reliable manufacturer. Most of the manufacturers offer warranty along with the batteries, which is always a better investment.  Schedule an appointment with the service providers and use their help to find the right brand that you can rely on over the years.



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