How different kinds of bikes have evolved over the years and what they look like today?


There are different types of bikes that are used for several purposes. Some of the bikes are used for regular use, some are used for racing, some are used for several stunts and some are used for exercise. The story behind every bike is very interesting and you’d love learning the facts about several kinds of bikes. This will help you increase your knowledge about bikes.

In this article, we’re going to talk about the evolution of different kinds of bikes. There are many different types of bikes and we can’t talk about all of them, therefore, we have chosen a few popular bikes that are used for several purposes. You’ll enjoy reading the history and facts about the bikes that you’re using in your regular life.

BMX bikes

In the early seventies, the BMX bikes were made of pure steel. The kids used to buy this bike to imitate motocross. It was easy to ride the bikes when traveling down the hills. There was no harm in driving bikes on the flatter tracks but the rider was supposed to apply a lot of force on the flatter tracks. The manufacturers started using the double diamond frame to help riders get rid of this problem.

Later on, the use of chromoly tubing brought more changes to the performance of the bike. The replacement of freewheels and aluminum frames has also appeared to be helpful. Now, most of the bikes are using several advanced features that can help you protect yourself in a dangerous situation.

Mountain bikes

Mountain bikes were designed similar to the frames of tried and tested road-bikes. They were also fitted with the fatter tires. They were too big for small riders and people faced many problems when riding on the rough terrain. However, it was easy to ride a mountain bike on flat surfaces. It wasn’t easy to control the bikes when going downhill. Many people suffer from several harmful accidents while riding the mountain bikes.

The manufacturers have now made the bikes playful and dynamic for the riders by making several remarkable changes in the frame of the bikes so that riders can easily control the bike. The changes in the pedals have made things a lot easier for the beginner riders. If you need to know more about the changes in pedals, you may take a look at the mountain bike pedals reviewed here.

The recent changes in the mountain bikes have made it easier enough for the riders to ride the bikes.

The home exercise bikes were initially designed with some basic functions but they developed over time and now you can enjoy several advanced features after buying a home exercise bike. You can easily measure your heartbeat, your performance, and your pulse. Some home exercise bikes are also programmed in an exclusive way that they can easily suggest you the proper diet according to your health.


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