Famous race car drivers who needed help from a DUI attorney


Operating a vehicle after abusing some drugs or drinking alcohol is considered as a crime in every state and the prescription medications are also included in these drugs. The motorists are supposed to avoid such kind of activities if they want to stay safe from a heavy fine or punishment. This offense is known as the driving under the influence in most of the states and in some states it is known as driving while intoxicated.

The motorists need the help of a DUI attorney in such kind of situation to reduce the charges or to get the case dismissed. Most of the times, the lawyer can also negotiate for treatment diversion programs and lesser sentences. You may suffer from some kind of criminal sentence upon conviction of a DUI, and depending on the severity of the case, the court also has the right to revoke or suspend your driver’s license.

The Fresno DUI attorneys may help you obtain the permission from the court to drive to and from work. The beginner drivers usually suffer from such kind of problems as they do not have enough knowledge of driving rules and they consider themselves to be perfect even after drinking alcohol.

But when it comes to talking about famous car race drivers, you can’t expect such kind of foolish activities from them. The famous car race drivers have proper knowledge of driving rules and they do not commit such mistakes normally. However, there are some famous car race drivers that suffered from such a problem and had to hire the DUI lawyer to help them stay safe from a major sentence.

Alain Prost

Alain Prost was one of the most famous car racers from the 1980s to 1990s and he participated in the top car rallies. He conquered the hearts of lots of people and he had a great fan following. He participated in more than 202 races and won 51 of them. He also won four world championships for Williams and McLaren.

He didn’t participate in the car race from 1991 to 1993 and only a few people know the reason behind this. His license was suspended by the court for driving the vehicle after taking the drugs. He didn’t do this intentionally because the results that appeared on the breathalyzer were due to the medicine he took before leaving the home. However, the license was canceled because he was aware of the effects of that medicine.

Ayrton Senna

Ayrton was another most popular Formula 1 racer who was heavily fined by the court for driving the car after drinking the vehicle. He participated in 162 races during his entire career but this minor mistake took a lot of fans away from him and he had to face the results of this offense.

How different kinds of bikes have evolved over the years and what they look like today?


There are different types of bikes that are used for several purposes. Some of the bikes are used for regular use, some are used for racing, some are used for several stunts and some are used for exercise. The story behind every bike is very interesting and you’d love learning the facts about several kinds of bikes. This will help you increase your knowledge about bikes.

In this article, we’re going to talk about the evolution of different kinds of bikes. There are many different types of bikes and we can’t talk about all of them, therefore, we have chosen a few popular bikes that are used for several purposes. You’ll enjoy reading the history and facts about the bikes that you’re using in your regular life.

BMX bikes

In the early seventies, the BMX bikes were made of pure steel. The kids used to buy this bike to imitate motocross. It was easy to ride the bikes when traveling down the hills. There was no harm in driving bikes on the flatter tracks but the rider was supposed to apply a lot of force on the flatter tracks. The manufacturers started using the double diamond frame to help riders get rid of this problem.

Later on, the use of chromoly tubing brought more changes to the performance of the bike. The replacement of freewheels and aluminum frames has also appeared to be helpful. Now, most of the bikes are using several advanced features that can help you protect yourself in a dangerous situation.

Mountain bikes

Mountain bikes were designed similar to the frames of tried and tested road-bikes. They were also fitted with the fatter tires. They were too big for small riders and people faced many problems when riding on the rough terrain. However, it was easy to ride a mountain bike on flat surfaces. It wasn’t easy to control the bikes when going downhill. Many people suffer from several harmful accidents while riding the mountain bikes.

The manufacturers have now made the bikes playful and dynamic for the riders by making several remarkable changes in the frame of the bikes so that riders can easily control the bike. The changes in the pedals have made things a lot easier for the beginner riders. If you need to know more about the changes in pedals, you may take a look at the mountain bike pedals reviewed here.

The recent changes in the mountain bikes have made it easier enough for the riders to ride the bikes.

The home exercise bikes were initially designed with some basic functions but they developed over time and now you can enjoy several advanced features after buying a home exercise bike. You can easily measure your heartbeat, your performance, and your pulse. Some home exercise bikes are also programmed in an exclusive way that they can easily suggest you the proper diet according to your health.

Symptoms your spark plugs might be bad and need changing


You need to put all your focus on keeping your vehicle completely maintained if you use your vehicle on regular basis. There are several parts in the vehicle that are supposed to be checked regularly. The spark plug is one of the most important things that are supposed to be checked regularly.

You don’t need to open the spark plug each time you want to check it. There are some basic symptoms that can help you analyze if the spark plug needs to be changed.

The spark plug is used to generate the spark that ignites the fuel mixture and air within the cylinders. The spark plug is the most important thing that keeps your car running on the road. The spark plugs can cause several problems in the vehicle’s engine if you do not get them checked or cleaned regularly.

In this article, we are going to talk about the most important Bad spark plug symptoms so that you can get the plug exchanged before getting into any kind of trouble.

Having trouble starting your car?

Most of the people believe that the flat battery or lack of fuel are some the major reasons that prevent their car from starting. One of the major problems that most of the people overlook is the bad quality of plugs. The vehicle won’t start at all if your spark plug isn’t producing the required spark. The faulty spark plugs can also cause your battery to drain. In this case, you can’t take any risk and you need to change the spark plugs and battery as soon as possible.

Engine makes a rough sound

The engine usually generates around 1000rpm in the stationary position. If your spark plugs aren’t working properly, a jittery and rough sound would be produced by the engine while normally it generates a smooth and constant sound.

In case of faulty spark plugs, the engine would also produce the vibrations in the car. You may have to spend lots of amount in the future if you didn’t get it fixed immediately.

Your engine misfires

The vehicle halts for a fraction of a second when the engine misfires and then it gets back to its usual movement. This indicates that there is some problem in one or more cylinders due to which the vehicle isn’t functioning smoothly. This problem may also lead to the higher levels of emissions.

High fuel consumption

You’ll start experiencing a decrease in the fuel economy of your vehicle if there is some problem with the spark plugs. The excessive fuel consumption indicates that spark plugs are deteriorating and they’re supposed to be changed as soon as possible. Changing the spark plugs is the easiest way of getting rid of this headache. If you didn’t address the problem at the right time, it’ll cost you a lot in the future.

What You Need To Do Before Buying A Car


Maybe your old car is giving you trouble, and you are tired of spending money on its maintenance. Or maybe you have risen on the career ladder and now want something flashier which will show off your success. Maybe you have an addition to the family in the form of a baby and now need a family car. Whatever be the reason, buying a new car will always be exciting. However, you need to exercise caution when you are buying a new car and be prepared for the wide variety of brands and models that are flooding the market nowadays. This is the reason that you should be aware of the best car diagnostic tools so that you can check the car before you buy it. This is especially true if you are buying a used car. But even if you are buying a new one it is essential to ensure that it is in proper condition and does not have any technical glitches.

Let us see what the best way to buy a new car is.

Every brand has its good points

Brand perception is important, but too much so when you are buying a car. This is because the general perception that people carry about a car brand and model doesn’t have much to do with its actual qualities. Some customers are infatuated with a brand, which often leads to purchases which fall much below your expectations. The choice of the car should be based upon the use of the car regarding your line of work, family capacity or the user that the car will be put to. This is the reason that you should evaluate a brand based on these factors. Then again most brands have different models for different buyer purposes, and you have a lot to choose from in the same category.

Unnecessary extras

Dealers often offer many freebies like rust proofing, Fabric protection, paint protection, etc. Do not opt for these extras especially if you are being charged for them unless you need them. Car bodies are already coated to protect against rust, and you can do the fabric treatment with your products at a much cheaper rate. These extras boost the profits of the dealer but are usually a waste of your money. It is advisable to cross them out before negotiating an agreement.

Do not depend on the sticker price for negotiation

Negotiation is the key in any purchase, but often people who buy a car do not know how to start the process or where the actual threshold lies. Usually, buyers see the sticker price and try to guess what a good deal will be. If you are ignorant of the real value of the car, the dealer will get enough room to make a big profit off you. There are some advertised rebates and incentives. These dealer incentives can be quite significant in amount. This is the reason that it is a good idea to haggle with the dealers so that they will give you the maximum rebate.

What are the symptoms of low oil pressure in cars?


Oil is extremely important for the better performance of your car. Of course, a car has some requirements in order to maintain the proper performance and the speed of the engine. But do you know how you can check the pressure of the oil?

Several oil pressure symptoms will help you determine if your car has a low oil pressure problem. In this article, we’re going to talk about some of these symptoms so that you may find a solution before getting into a major problem.


Due to the low oil pressure, you can feel the friction in your car. The friction in the car is going to affect the engine of the car and when you will start driving, you’ll feel like the car is not in your control and something is stopping the car.

So, if you’re facing the friction problem, you must consider checking the oil pressure of the car. Your mechanic will change the car oil for you if there’s a problem with the oil.


You’ll face some problem in speeding the car if there is a problem with the oil pressure. When you’re pressing the accelerator to increase the speed, you’ll realize that something is stopping the car.

Your car will not run in the speed instead the car will get slow and resist the speed. You will feel problem while driving the car.


Another symptom through which you can understand that your car is showing you a problem of low oil pressure is the light flickers. You’ll face the flicking problem with car’s headlights all the way and even the indicators will not work accordingly.

This may cause great damage to your car and you may get into an accident. Due to the low oil pressure, you will see how light flicking can lead to the other problems in the car.


Each time you start driving, you’ll feel that oil is burning in your car. This burning process of car oil will affect the performance of your car and you may also have to suffer from the oil leakage problem.

If you feel the smell of oil burning, you must get it checked immediately to stay safe from any further damage. This can affect your car engine badly and if you didn’t get it checked in time the car may stop anywhere in the middle of the road and you’ll find yourself into great trouble.


The biggest symptom you are going to have is that you are going to witness the strange sounds like grinding and flicking during the ride. It means that the oil pressure in the car is low and the car is unable to function properly.

These sounds will be so annoying and you will feel like your car is about to explode due to the sounds. If you want to stay safe from any damage, then get your car checked immediately.

Make Your Car Prominent from Others


Cars are love. My opinion is that if you buy a car you should take good care of your car otherwise you shouldn’t buy a car. People usually love to buy the expensive cars to look unique among their friends but I have seen many people in my life who maintain their car with so much love that their less expensive cars look more prominent among the most expensive cars.

If you’re a car lover and want to maintain your car in a way that it may look prominent from others, then you must read this article because this is where we’ll not only tell you the ways of maintaining your car but we’ll also talk about a few elements that will bring a new life to your car.


Let’s talk about the maintenance first. You should keep visiting the mechanic after every 15 days in a month or if you don’t have enough time to do so or don’t have enough money, then you should at least visit the mechanic once in a month.

Maintenance can help your car last longer. You should get your car washed twice a month otherwise, many elements of the car will get damaged and become older very soon.

There are a few important things that you must keep with you all the time for some repair and maintenance purpose so that if the car gets damaged in the middle of nowhere, you may have the proper equipment to deal with the problem.

You should protect your car from all the minor and major scratches or else your newest car will appear to be old.

Now let’s talk about the equipment that will help you show your passion for the cars.


You can buy stickers according to your choice from any car workshop and paste them on your car. You can add any message in the sticker you can also buy a sticker of your favorite movie character. You can also buy the stickers of flames and textures.


Recently, I saw a car that has awesome looking lights under its side doors. I got inspired by the idea and did the same to my car and now my car looks prominent and beautiful among my friends especially at night.

You can also install the lights at the back of the car. It will also make an amazing look.


Woofers are the best part for any car. You can enjoy your favorite songs and music while driving. Nowadays, there are some companies that provide subwoofers for a better music experience. You should buy the best car subwoofers for your car if you want to enjoy the beats of music during your ride.

I have amazing subwoofers installed in my car and whenever I go out with the friends for a long ride we always enjoy the ride with the amazing sound and they always love to ride in my car.