Step by step guide for getting rid of car scratches


The resistance to scratching is really high in the cars of the modern era but still, there are chances of getting scratches on cars.

The reason why scratches are inevitable to avoid is that when the cars run at high speed on the roads, the small particles of road materials like small stones fly and hit the sides of cars resulting in hazardous scratches.

There are very effective car scratch removers available in the market and you can check out these car scratch remover reviews. Here is step by step guide for you to remove the scratches of your car.

Step 1: Abrasion

If you got a scratch on your car then you must be willing to lean into your fender if you really want to remove it by yourself. The idea is very simple. All you need to do is to make the scratch even worse than before to completely remove it later.

It seems wrong but it really works in this complete strategic method. You surely want your car to look beautiful again. So, you must apply this step first before moving to other steps.

Step 2: Priming

The combination of aerosol cans and sandpaper is required in this step. You use the black sandable primer at first which fills the sandpaper scores with a black three-layer coating.

It is a simple step and all you need is the time for painting. You must apply the first layer of paint within two minutes then you should wait for 10 minutes and then again apply the paint for 2 minutes to get the proper results.

Step 3: Uniform Coating

Uniform coating is the next step and it needs more aerosol cans as used by the primer. Every time you apply a coating, it seals the layers of pigments.

Do not use the construction paper for smoothness, you should use deploy wet sanding with the 1500-grit. The last coat almost finalizes the whole process.

Step 4: Work Results

It takes at least one night to dry the coating naturally for more effective results and then you can apply the rubbing compound to polish and shine the work.

It takes a couple of days to blend in with the natural color of the car because the other areas may have a decade’s old color and the area you treated have a new coating.

So, do not apply a lot of layers of paint otherwise you will ruin the uniformity of paint.


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