The Most Expensive Limousines On The Planet


Limos have undoubtedly experienced a surge in popularity on the roads of the United States Of America. These Limos are luxury sedans with a stretched out body which is typically driven by a chauffeur. Limos are usually rented to get to some special events. Orlando Limo Services and the limo rentals in various other places of the country will have differ limos to be rented out. They display the fact that the person who has rented the Limo is indeed extraordinarily wealthy and powerful. Celebrities, government officials, and people with high positions in companies usually rent this sweet ride. These vehicles are also often purchased and modified by a third party company before they are sold off to various clients or limo companies.

The Limo renting industry has a turnover of over $4 billion a year in the United States alone. Have you ever wondered how expensive a limo can get? Well, I have answered your question here; do take a look at this list.

  1. The Batmobile is worth $4.2 million. This gets the first spot in this list because it is so amazingly expensive. It was built in the year 2012 and is famously inspired by the Batman movies of the 80s and 90s. It is also fitted with all the gadgets which the original Batmobile had, this Limo is undoubtedly the one that will acquire your admiration. It has been fitted with rear flaps to assist with the braking system. It also has a jet engine and a rocket launcher. Can you believe that it also has eject-able back and front wheels?
  2. The American Dream, which is valued at $4 million. Jay Ohrberg is a well-known car collector and also a car builder who specializes in cars from television and film. He also has an extensive collection of many original cars and replicas as well. One among this huge collection would be the “American Dream,” which is claimed to be in the Guinness World Records as the longest car in the world, coming in at 100 feet. It also has 26 tires and a heated Jacuzzi in it, with a sundeck and a swimming pool and multiple beds as well. Jay also possesses the DeLorean from Back To The Future movies.
  3. The Beast, which was used in 2009 by the famed and beloved president Barack Obama, is valued at $3 million. It is fitted with armored plates which can withstand the force of a bomb or a grenade and is also bulletproof. It is amazingly well equipped with equipment that can fight a fire and also some oxygen tanks, shotguns and also grenade launchers.
  4. The Midnight Rider is also known as a tractor-trailer limousine and is also the only one ever built. It is valued at $2.5 million and holds a record of being the World’s Heaviest Limousine.


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