Tips for choosing the right speakers for your car

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Anyone who spends at least an hour in commuting or traveling knows how vital the right speakers are. With all that time at your hand, you need to keep yourself entertained and occupied while waiting in a traffic jam or going the same route once again. Even if you’re not destined to commute, you can’t deny that car speakers can make your driving more relaxed and enjoyable.atv waterproof speakers

One of the questions that are asked a lot is how to choose the right speakers for your car. In this article, we’ll try to break down the essential things that you need to pay attention to when buying car speakers.

Choosing the type

You’ve probably seen for yourself that there are two types of car speakers. Full-range speakers are those type of speakers that come in one box, which makes them very compact and well designed for any car. Since there are no extra parts, you can install them quickly. The downside of this type of car speakers is that they are not the best solution if you’re looking for bright sound. Since both woofer and tweeters are in the same box, you can’t count on an excellent imaging.

On the other hand, component speakers can offer you the type of experience that you’re looking for. They contain woofer and tweeter and in some cases additional speakers that will enhance the experience. Since all the components are flexible, you can set them wherever you find the right place for them.

Choosing the material

atv waterproof speakersThe importance of knowing the speaker material might sound awkward, especially for those who are not car experts. But the type of the material used for the speakers can determine how long the speakers will last. In that sense, there are several things you need to pay attention to. For woofers, the material needs to be lightweight but stiff, to produce the right quality of the tones in the low range. Tweeters, however, can be made of two type of materials, both of which directly affects the variety of the high sounds. Silk or poly will produce mellow but sharp tone – if you’re not looking for anything further than choosing the pair of speakers made out of these materials. On the other hand, if you want to get snappy tone, go with the hard materials, like graphite or ceramic.

Choosing the special features

When you cover the essential elements of choosing the right speakers for your car, it’s time to look beyond the structure and look for the additional features. Some of them include things like detachable tweeters, external crossover, or even the waterproof quality. Removable tweeters can make your speakers move both ways – they can work as full-range speakers (when the tweeters are attached) or they can make your speakers function as the component system. External crossovers are essential to help your speakers distinguish the frequencies between the woofer and tweeters without using too much energy and electricity. Finally, waterproof speakers are excellent in case of raining or snowing. In case you’re looking for atv waterproof speakers, you should check out the link provided for the reviews and prices.  


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